Monthly Archives: September 2014


On the Lord’s Day of September 15, 1991 seven women and five men covenanted together to form the initial membership of the Reformed Baptist Church of Louisville. Under the blessing of God, ten of that number continue together week by week in fellowship. One of the twelve is now a part of a confessional church in New York. Sadly the twelth has gone back to the world. In recent days I have reflected upon the goodness of God in having so many walk together for so long.
At least four things come to mind to highlight the goodness of God to us.
The first token of God’s goodness is that we are still alive. Though some have known significant illnesses and have undergone surgeries, we bless God for keeping us in the land of the living.
The second issue is that we have, by the power of the Holy Spirit, kept our integrity. We do not need to look at the signatures of our covenant with shame and sorrow considering how this or that one has ruined their testimony or brought shame to the Lord Jesus.
The third issue of reflection is that all the initial membership has held fast to our confessional faith. I know that full subscription to the Confession is not a matter of eternity, but it has been a joy to see all the founding members (save one) continue to love our Reformed and historic Baptist faith.
Finally, I have been struck that we all still love one another. Living together over two decades means that we have often sinned against one another. We have provoked one another (and not always to love and good works!). There have been many opportunities to seek and grant forgiveness.
All these things are needed if our churches are to survive and thrive. We must hold fast to Christ, hold fast to the truth, and we must bear with one another. In a few more years one or other will be the first to pass into glory. It is my hope and trust that only death or the coming of Christ will sever these precious bonds.