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Here Comes The Groom! (The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’s Husband)



This is the time of year for weddings.  I have been to two over the past few weeks.  The highpoint of the wedding is always when the bride is first spotted in all her glory.   As a pastor I am often privileged to perform the weddings and to see the beautiful bride presented to her husband up close and personal.   I love to watch his face as his beloved is placed upon his arm by her father.    After one of these recent weddings I posed a question to some of the folks around the table at the reception.  The question was, “What will be  the primary difference between the last wedding and this wedding?”   The answer?  The focus on this wedding is on the Bride and the focus of the last wedding will on the Groom.   I was thinking about this in conjunction with recent headlines about the so called ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’.  Did you read about this?   Apparently some scrap of papyrus was found on the bottom of some guys  sandal where Jesus is said to speak about his ‘wife’.  This is not the first time that the press has jumped on the supposed scandal that Jesus had a wife.  Jesus was married!   My reaction?   Of course Jesus has a wife!  The Bible talks about it plenty!  He came for his wife!  He laid down his life for his wife!  He loves his wife indescribably!   He is going to present His wife to his Father on the last day as a glorious bride!  Nothing hidden, nothing scandalous, nothing secret, all open,  all wonderful.  But on that Day the focus will not be on the beauty of the Bride (though she will never have been so beautiful!) but on the beauty of the Husband. The eyes of all will upon Him.  He will be adored, He will be the object of song and praise.  He is  altogether lovely, all together perfect.  The Bride will not eye her garment, but her dear Bridegroom’s face, she will not gaze at glory but on her King of grace, not at the crown He gives, but on His pierced hand. He will be all the glory of that wedding day.   The good news is not so much that Jesus has a wife, but that His wife has a husband!