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Good Christian Men Rejoice!


One of the marks of a true believer is that they have seen their utter poverty of spirit before God and have been brought to the place where they are mourning over their sin. Such people are driven into the arms of Christ and there find comfort in the knowledge that their sins, not in part, but the whole have been nailed to the cross. When this happen the rule and reign of sin in the life of the believer has been broken. We are transferred out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God’s beloved Son. Really. Truly. Actually. Those who had been slaves of sin are now slaves of righteousness (see Romans 6:5-20). The Christian is made a new creation, he has a new heart which has the law of God written on it (2 Cor. 5:17, Jere. 31:31). As Paul says to the Philippians, God has begun a good work in you. Jesus spoke of ‘good men’ who, out of treasure of their ‘good hearts’, bring forth good things (Matt. 12:35).
Many of us struggle to understand who and what we are now that Jesus has saved us. We can speak, preach, pray, and sometimes sing as though no real change had taken place. We still have a black heart, a dead heart, a thoroughly corrupt and sinful heart. It is as though Christ has saved us from the penalty of sin and not the power of sin. The bible teaches us that believers not only possess a perfect righteousness before God in their union with Christ, but that they are now set free to pursue holiness and ‘practice righteousness’ (see Heb. 12:14 and 1 John 3:7). When we see ourselves preeminently, contiually and defeatedly as sinners then sinning regularly and slavishly is in accordance with our nature. What can we do? Dogs bark, cats meow, birds fly, and sinners sin. But sin, for the believer, is now out of character. They not only enjoy a new position, but a new nature as well. We are no longer under the sway of evil one, we have been given a way of escape, we are the slaves of righteousness, we have God’s seed in us, the Holy Spirit dwells within, we are being made more and more like Christ. This perspective is not only exegetically accurate, but necessary for the believer to think rightly about himself and his attitude towards God’s commandments and his temptations to sin. Paul could speak of his confidence that the Romans were ‘full of goodness'(Romans 15:14). They were full of the grace of God which produces fruit unto holiness. This is your true identity in Christ. This is the work of the Spirit in you. Rejoice in the transforming power of the gospel!