A Graceless Pastor?

Acts 20 is largely taken up with the narrative of Paul pouring out his heart to the elders at the church in Ephesus. In v. 24 he sums up the ministry that has been entrusted to him by stating that he was to ‘testify to the grace of God’. At least two things stand out when one gives testimony. In the first place what they say must be true. In the second place there is personal experience. Paul was able to give testimony of God’s grace because he had experienced so much of God’s grace.
I recently came across this challenging word from Pastor Spurgeon regarding ‘graceless’ ministries seeking to tell others truths that they had not experienced.
“A graceless pastor is a blind man elected to a professorship of optics, philosophizing upon light and vision, discoursing upon … the nice shades and delicate blendings of the prismatic colors, while he himself is absolutely in the dark! He is a dumb man elevated to the chair of music; a deaf man
fluent upon symphonies and harmonies! He is a mole professing to educate eaglets.”


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