Working on My Backhand

Whenever we read the well known words of  Hebrews 12 which speaks of the ‘sin that so easily entangles us’ most of us have a particular matter brought before our minds.  There is some issue, whether it be lust or   anger or bitterness or a broken relationship that seems to be a constant source of  temptation and, at times, failure.   I imagine at such times,  that a good many us consider not only the state of our hearts but the rage of the enemy who seeks our destruction.    Why am I constantly faced with these temptations?  I don’t want to sin, but I am constantly being provoked!  Why?    I want to encourage you to consider what God may well be doing in your repeated trials and temptations. 

When a coach is working with an athlete he will focus much of his attention upon weakness.  For instance,  if a shortstop has missed a few groundballs to his right side the coach will have him on the field practicing over and over again  to his right so that his point of weakness can be addressed.  If  a tennis player has a bad backhand the coach will focus their attention repeatedly, frustratingly, and perhaps painfully and embarassingly upon their point of weakness.  Why?  Not to ruin them, not to cause them to fail,  not to make them throw up their hands and give up…but rather to win.  The enemy knows our weakness and tries us to cause us sin.  The Lord knows our weaknesses and addresses them for our good and His glory. 

The next time you find yourself in a situation that seems calculated to bring about sin, remember that God is overseeing it for your sanctification.


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