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The Best Spice

“If thy heart be humble, and thy palate spiritual, old truths will be new to thee every time thou hears them.”  Gurnall.


I recently saw a billboard  in town that said that appetite is the best seasoning.  This is a take on Socrates who said that the best spice for food is hunger and for drink thirst.    I think I can say that best food I have ever eaten have been accompanied with the circumstances of  personal weariness and  deeply felt hunger.  At these times, I did not eat because it was time or because I wanted to, but because I needed to.   My hunger made the meal far more declicious than it would have been under any other circumstances.   I am reminded in this of my attitude toward the preached word. I am at times greived over my attitude toward those who bring me the ‘food and drink’ of  God’s word.   I can find myself sniffing it and picking at it and criticizing it or even pushing it away as ‘not to my liking’  like a well fed food critic rather than a man who desparately needs to hear a word from God.    If you want to benefit from God’s word,  whoever the minister of that word is and whatever his gifts may be…come hungry, come thirsty and be satisfied.



Does Your Church Pray Together?

Does Your Church Pray Together?.