Sweet and Low…

From Spurgeon’s  “The Full Harvest”

We call those things mercies which please us, ease us, suit our wants, and fall in with our cravings. Truly they are so, but not less gracious are those benefits which cross us, pain us, and lay us low. The tender love which chastises us the gentle kindness which bruises us, the fond affection which crushes us to the ground — these we do not so readily recount; yet is there as much of divine love in a smart as in a sweet, as great a depth of tenderness in buffeting as in consoling. We must count our crosses, diseases and pains if we would number up our blessings. Doubtless it is a mercy to be spared affliction, but he would be a wise man who should tell which of the two was the greater boon — to be for the present without chastisement or to be chastened. We judge that in either case it is well with the righteous, but we will not have a word said to the disparagment of affliction. Granted that the cross is very bitter, we maintain with equal confidence that it is also very sweet.

HT:  Todd Pruitt



One response to “Sweet and Low…

  • MarieP

    I deeply appreciated how you put it yesterday before the Lord’s Supper, just try and complain about our providence with the bread in our mouths and the cup in our hand… We really are blessed far more than we can comprehend! The love of Jesus puts it all in proper perspective.

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