Boyz II Men

This morning I was reminiscing with some friends about a certain young man’s journey from adolescence to manhood.  It was a transition I was blessed to see and hear in person.  It had nothing to do with a sudden need to shave  or a deepening voice or  sprouting of  muscles.  It was a clear and bold statment of  decision that he made.  This particular young man had traveled with me to attend a youth conference where I ministered the word.  One of the messages dealt with exhortations regarding practical means of  growing in grace.   As we discussed the meetings and this message in particular, he said to me, “I’m going to try to get up earlier so that I can make use of the means of grace”.  He then paused and said to me, “I mean, I WILL get up earlier from now on to make use of  the means of  grace!”  As a smile beamed from my face, I told the young man, “Congratultations!  You just became a man.”   The scriptures  have no record of  “I’ll try” statements from the saints, but there are many instances in which the child of  God declares,  “I will!”   There is no arrogance in such statments and there is not the sudden forgetfulness of  the war with sin and the deceitful nature of the heart,  but there is the realization that if  I am to be the man God has called me to be, then, by His grace, I WILL lay hold of  every means available to me.


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