The Kind of Man I Want To Be

A Word To Pastors.

Heard this quotation from John Flavel from a sermon preached by my friend Brian Croft.

O Brethren!  Who would not study and pray, spend and be spent, in the service of such a bountiful Master!  Is it not worth all our labours and sufferings, to come with all those souls we instrumentally begat to Christ: and all that we edified, established, confirmed, and comforted in the way to heaven; and say, Lord, here am I, and the children thou hast given me?  To hear one spiritual child say, Lord this is the minister by whom I believed:  Another, this is he, by whom I was edified, established, and comforted.  This is the man that resolved my doubts, quickened my dying affections, reduced my soul, when wandering from the truth!


One response to “The Kind of Man I Want To Be

  • MarieP

    Thank you for:

    1. showing me that our belief in the sovereignty of God doesn’t exclude the passionate proclamation of the free offer of the Gospel but rather upholds and promotes it
    2. teaching me what it means to have a solid foundation in Biblical theology and that we are always to embrace God’s Word, even when it doesn’t fit into the nice, neat little package we’d like
    3. demonstrating what it means for love to be the preeminent virtue of the Christian life, and that it suffers long and hopes all things
    4. counseling me in regards to the godly use of speech and in being patient and forgiving toward others
    5. displaying a servant’s heart that is eager to help and put others first
    6. preaching the Gospel week in and week out, focusing our attention on Christ and His cross and empty tomb rather than on yourself or on what itching ears want to hear
    7. being yourself by being transparent and not getting into the whole “celebrity pastor” thing

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