Daily Archives: March 20, 2012

The Kind of Man I Want To Be

A Word To Pastors.

Heard this quotation from John Flavel from a sermon preached by my friend Brian Croft.

O Brethren!  Who would not study and pray, spend and be spent, in the service of such a bountiful Master!  Is it not worth all our labours and sufferings, to come with all those souls we instrumentally begat to Christ: and all that we edified, established, confirmed, and comforted in the way to heaven; and say, Lord, here am I, and the children thou hast given me?  To hear one spiritual child say, Lord this is the minister by whom I believed:  Another, this is he, by whom I was edified, established, and comforted.  This is the man that resolved my doubts, quickened my dying affections, reduced my soul, when wandering from the truth!