Let’s Get Hungry!!

As 2012 dawns many believers are thinking about what they will do in regard to their daily intake of God’s Word.   I have noted in recent years that there has been some degree of push back in evangelical and Reformed circles to what has traditionally been called ‘devotions’ or a ‘quiet time’. It is argued that you do not have to read your Bible every day.  The Bible nowhere commands believers to read their Bible every day and,  hence,  any exhortation to do so is legalism and a form of guilt manipulation.   It is true that the Bible doe not command believers to read their Bible every day. That for one simple reason–first century Christians  did not own a personal  Bible. While the Bible does not command us to read every day, it does command that we want to read every day!

Peter commands believers in 1 Peter 2:2 to ‘desire’ or ‘long for’ the pure milk of the Word that they might grow thereby. Are you hungry for God’s word?  You need to be!

Below is a link to a multitude of resources which will aid you in growing in the New Year. Dig in!!


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