In everything give thanks for this is the will of  God in Christ Jesus concerning you.  1 Thess. 5:18


There are commands in God’s word that we ought to view as relatively ‘easy’. That is to say, they express something that we cannot quibble with or excuse or rationalize away. There are other commands that we find difficult or impossible as things stand. Think of the difference we might feel between the Great Commandment and the one that ‘is like it’. That we should love God with all our being may seem impossible given the limitations of our humanity, but it seems right to us. Of courses that is how I should live. Loving all people however seems so hard, so impossible,so easy to rationalize away. They don’t deserve my love. They have not earned it. Yet, it remains as clear a command as we can find in God’s Word. Let me address another command or really set of commands. We are to be thankful at all times and for all things. Right?  (Eph. 5:20, 1 Thess. 5:18, Col. 3:17) Any argument that this is what God commands? But we want to argue and excuse. Surely, God did not have my situation and circumstances in mind.  If He had known what was happening in my life at this time, He would never ask such things of me.  And yet He did. He knows what He is doing even if we do not. May it increasingly be true that every day is Thanksgiving Day!


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