Sunday is not another Saturday

Some good thoughts from Ray Ortlund at the Gospel Coalition (I’m betting some will cry legalism!)

If we would stop treating Sunday as a second Saturday, one more day to run to Home Depot, one more day for the kids’ soccer games, another day for getting ready for Monday, if we would rediscover Sunday as The Lord’s Day, focusing on him for just one day each week, what would be the immediate impact between today and one year from today?

By one year from today, we will have spent 52 whole days given over to Jesus.  Seven and a half weeks of paid vacation with Jesus.

He’s a good King.  Maybe we should put him first in our weekly schedules.  Not fit him into the margins of our busy weekends, but build our whole weekly routine around him.

Just a thought.


2 responses to “Sunday is not another Saturday

  • mariep

    Ah, the Gospel!!! (How’s that for offsetting charges of legalism?)

    I can’t think of anything more Gospel-centered than spending a day meditating upon and communing with Christ and His people! How could you get any more Gospel-centered when the Lord’s Day is a remembrance of Christ’s resurrection, and on it we show His Lordship in our lives by giving Him the first of the week? And we remember His death in the Lord’s Supper.

  • Bob

    I certainly sympathize with Ortlund’s desire that professing Christians would keep the Lord’s Day as, well … the LORD’S day. However his words (and I realize that I don’t have the full context) strike me as a timorous suggestion rather than the heartfelt cry of a McCheyne who pleaded with his generation to turn from their Sabbath breaking.

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