Dirty Words?

There has been a lot of talk lately about ‘shock’ preachers–those who use what is typically regarded as filthy language to gain the ears of their hearers.  Society has a general “list” of words and phrases which are deemed inappropriate.  There are words that children are not supposed to say.  There are words which will bump up your movie rating from G to PG, from PG to PG13 to R.    In most churches if these words were used there would still be a sense of shock.

I want to talk about some other ‘dirty words’.  Words that when they come up nowadays seem to earn the frown–not from the dull and stodgy, but from the hipsters themselves.  I am thinking of words like, “A godly man will….a godly man must…a godly man will not…a Christian is one who can….”  Will?  Must? Can?  How legalistic!  I am thinking of  new dirty words like laws, commands, duties, responsibilities.    To suggest that there are such things and to actually say them from the pulpit and give the idea that God expects and demands that His people live a certain way is more shocking and more offensive to some in our day than four letter words.


One response to “Dirty Words?


    Wow, you took this post to a good ending. Good point about what’s really “shocking.” Sometimes I’m surprise during preaching and counseling of people’s expression of going over the “indicatives” of God, and working in how there’s implication towards the “imperatives” from God.

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