The “M” Word

When Prophets of the Old Covenant and New Covenant wanted to shock their Jewish readers in exposing their sin and hardness of heart all they had to do was to employ the “G” word…you know, Gentile.   To be likened to the Philistines or the Babylonians or the Egyptians was to say that they lived and acted as those who had never received revelation from God.  They lived and acted as though they had never been redeemed by God nor entered into covenant with God.   There is a similar title given to New Covenant believers who are acting contrary to their profession.  They are said to act like “men”.  People.  Natural men. Carnal men.  People who have no revelation, no new heart, no new power.   Sometimes we want to excuse our sins and factions by saying, “After all, I’m only human.”  The bible says that you are more than that if you are in Christ. The grace of God does something so wonderfully powerful in the lives of God’s people that we are more than ‘mere men’.  The next time you are tempted to be proud, divisive, indulgent, or lazy remember who are in Christ.  Stop acting like a human and start living a new man.


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