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I Want To Believe

In aliens.

There, I said it. I want to believe in Aliens. I really do. I was asked at a recent conference for my thoughts on Alien life and now I will give it. The Bible clearly speaks to us about Aliens. You know that, don’t you? Don’t ever doubt it. It’s right there in black and white. 1 Peter 2:11 says, “Beloved, I urge you as aliens and strangers to abstain from fleshly lusts which wage war against the soul.”

If you are a Christian you are an Alien. At least you are supposed to be. An alien is a sojourner, a pilgrim, a stranger. It is someone who is not at home, a traveler, one on a journey. They live out of suitcases. They have a hard time with the language and the customs of the country they are traveling through. They stand out. They are different, distinct.

My faith in Alien life, however has become severely shaken. I’m not sure I believe in Aliens anymore. I see many who are supposed to be Aliens getting rid of the suitcase and buying property. I see Aliens fitting in. I see many who are supposed to be strange and peculiar being quite ordinary. How comfortable are we here? In a God dishonoring, sin saturated society? Do you feel as though you are under assault? As though a war were being waged against your soul? Or do you feel safe, happy, and secure? How much do you long for heaven? How much do you desire to depart?

Pastor Gardiner Spring in his book, The Distinguishing Traits of Christian Character, said this,

“The spirit of the world is incompatible with the spirit of the Gospel. It is the spirit of pride and not of humility; of self-indulgence rather than self-denial. Riches, honors, and pleasure form the grand object of pursuit with men of the world…Indifferent to everything but that which is calculated to gratify the carnal mind, they lift up their souls unto vanity and pant after the dust of the earth. Their thoughts and their affections are chained down to the things of time and sense. And in these they seem irrecoverably immersed. They seldom think but they think of the world; they seldom converse but they converse of the world. The world is the cause of their perplexity and the source of their enjoyment…The disciple of Jesus, as he has nobler affections than the worldling, has a higher object and more elevated joys. While the wise man glories in his wisdom, the mighty man glories in his might, and the rich man glories in his riches, it is the Christian’s privilege to glory in nothing save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto him and he unto the world. The character and cause of the blessed Redeemer lie so near to his heart that in comparison with these everything else vanishes into nothing. He views the world by the eyes of faith and light of that reflects its intrinsic importance–the light of eternity. There the world shrinks to a point and the fashion of it passeth away.”

That sounds like an Alien to me. That’s what I want to be. Care to join me?


I’m praying for you…

These are wonderful words to hear from any brother or sister.    Think of the words of the prophet Samuel as he was passing of the scene, “Far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by ceasing to pray for you.” (1 Samuel 12:23)  The Bible informs us that one of the duties of  elders is to give themselve to  prayer(Acts 6:4).  But the most delightful truth regarding prayer is the intercession of the Son of God on our behalf.

In his “Morning Thoughts” for June 2, Octavius Winslow writes:

We must not overlook the individuality of our Lord’s intercession. As if forgetting for that moment the whole Church, and regarding Peter as representing in his person each tempted believer, Jesus makes him the especial object of His prayer. How much comfort do we lose in overlooking this truth- in not more distinctly recognizing the personal interest which each believer has in the love of Christ! “My grace is sufficient for you;” “I have prayed for you,” are the gracious words with which Jesus would meet each individual case. Think not then, O believer, that you are alone, unloved, uncared for, unthought of- Jesus bears you upon His heart; and if loved, and cared for, and remembered by Him, you can afford to part with some creature stream, however loved and valued that stream may be. Keep your eye intently fixed upon your Lord’s intercession.

We too much lose ourselves in the crowd, and merge ourselves in the mass. We forget alike our individual interest in the covenant, and our personal obligation to glorify God in our different walks of life. But it is the especial privilege of the believer to concentrate upon himself, as in focal power, every thought and affection of God, just as the eye of a well-executed portrait may be said to fasten itself exclusively upon each individual in the room. “I have prayed for you.” O cheering declaration! Christian reader, lose not sight of it. Come and lay your hand of faith upon the covenant of grace, and say, “the fulness of the covenant is mine.” Lay your hand upon the covenant of God, and say, “the God of the covenant is mine; Jesus, its Mediator, is my Savior. He obeyed, suffered, bled, and expired, all for me. ‘He has loved me, and has given Himself for me.’ Lord! Do you think of me? Does my case come up before Your notice? do You bear my burden upon Your arm, my sorrow upon Your heart, my name upon Your lips; and do You pray for my poor, assaulted, and trembling faith? Yes, Lord, You do. I believe it, because You have said it, and press the precious truth, so rich in consolation, to my trembling, grateful heart.”