I Wish All False Teaching Came With A Calendar

When noted heretic Harold Camping led untold thousands into a fear-rooted frenzy with his ‘guarantee’ that the day of judgment was coming on May 21, 2011 he did the world a favor.  He gave a date.  A specific time  that we could get to and get past.  We can then look at some as simple as our calendar and say, he was wrong.  Over and done.  Move on, nothing to see here!    He will now officially join the long list of  others who have either birthed false religions (the Jehovah’s Witnesses for example) or lost all credibility.  He has cost his followers their confidence in God, their money, their family relationships, and their reputations.  In so doing he has been exposed for the huckster that he is to any reasonable person.     Other false teachings are sadly more nebulous to many.  The damage that they do to souls and to churches sometimes take decades to see.  The denial of the Lordship of Christ, the subtle  attacks on the sufficiency of scripture, the wedding of the Church with the world will not garner headlines and their leadership will not be so easily dismissed by discerning multitudes.  But the time of their exposure will come and sadly it will be after the damage has long been done.


2 responses to “I Wish All False Teaching Came With A Calendar

  • NFQ

    This is profound. What you’ve explained here is exactly the reason why I am skeptical of any claim that is not falsifiable. If there is no test, no check I could possibly do that might conceivably provide evidence that a claim is not true … then what does it mean to assert that it is true?

    It’s a bit like selling placebo as medicine and advertising, “No side effects!” Well, yes … but no regular effects, either!

  • jonjermey

    So when do YOU think Jesus is coming back?

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