Enough, already!

There is plenty for us to feel guilty about in our Christian lives.  We all fail.  In one area or another, at one time or another, every day we fail.  Not only do we fail, we actually sin.  In thought or word or deed.  There is not one Christian who is constantly all that he is called to be.  The same goes with the local church.  I’m sure many of us have wondered what the risen Christ would say to our local assembly if He were to address us along the lines of the seven church of Asia Minor.  Where are we strong in His opinion?  What are we failing in?   Where would He commend and where would He criticize? 

One of the means by which we measure ourselves is the elusive ‘enough’.    Do I love God enough?  Do I witness enough?  Do I serve my brethren enough?  Am I involved in evangelism and missions enough?  Do we reach enough people?  Have we planted enough churches, raised up enough men to train for the ministry?  

What exactly,  is enough?  How many people do we need to witness to to be enough?  How many souls do we need to ‘save’ to be enough?  How many churches can one church plant that is enough?  How many missionaries can we send out that is enough?  We can do more than we are doing and we can do more than others are doing but is that enough?  Protestentism rightly rejects the notion of supererogation.  The idea that you can do more than enough.   I’d settle to do half!

I’m sure you all realize only One did enough.  In fact He did all that the Father required of Him.  And He did all that the Father requires of me.  He did all the Father requires of my church.  That does not make me want to sit on my hands and do less.  To the contrary.  But it does help me to live my life centered on His sufficiency and not to gaze at my lack.


2 responses to “Enough, already!

  • Benjamin James

    Amen, Thanks for the great post! Spiritual depression can hit us fast if we start looking at ourselves too much and worrying about our works. Notice how the Christians in Matthew 25 do not realize/count what they have done for Christ, because they pay no attention to it. Simply put God’s ways of counting are not as humans often think it would be, for example look at Matthew 20 with the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard. If we see that Christ is enough in every possible way and stop counting, we can do much for God. Thank you God that Christ is sufficient in all things, and that the wages for my sins have been paid in full. May we look to Christ who is full of grace and truth, and keep our eyes on Him!

  • MarieP

    As I read Revelation 2-3, I find it interesting that the things we worry about doing “enough” of are the things that Jesus commends in the churches. And the one place Jesus says “I have not found your works perfect before God” is a church that’s dead and even what remains is about to die.

    Commended for: labor, patience (2 churches, Ephesus is commended twice for patience), not bearing those who are evil, testing false apostles, perseverance, hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans, tribulation, poverty, spiritual richness, persecution, holding fast to Christ’s name, service, love, faith, have a “little strength,” kept Christ’s Word, have not denied His name, kept His command to persevere

    Rebuked for: left their first love, tolerate the doctrine of Balaam, tolerate the Nicolaitan doctrine, tolerate Jezebel, they are dead and what remains is about to die, they are neither cold nor hot, they claim they are rich, wealthy, and have need of nothing but are actually wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked

    Remedy: repent, persevere, overcome

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