A note from the Doctor

Dr. Martyn Lllyod-Jones, that is!

I came across this quotation from Llyod-Jones while reading a blog post by Pastor Kevin DeYoung this past week.  He was dealing with the controversial issue of  having a “multi-site” church and in the midst of the discussion he quoted our esteemed brother’s words about preaching.  I share these words taken from Preaching and Preachers as an encouragement to all who hear the preaching of the word.  How you hear will not only affect your  own soul, it will affect the preacher’s preaching as well.

Here are the wise words from Dr. Lloyd-Jones:

Another element to which I attach importance is that the preacher while speaking should in a sense be deriving something from his congregation. There are those present in the congregation who are spiritually-minded people, and filled with the Spirit, and they make their contribution to the occasion…The preacher–though he has prepared, and prepared carefully–because of this element of spiritual freedom is still able to receive something from the congregation, and does so. There is an interplay, action and response, and this often makes a very vital difference. (page 84).  The preacher then is a man who for these reasons and in these ways makes contact with the people who are listening to him. Far from being detached, there is rapport. This comes out in his voice, in his manner, in his whole approach; everything about him shows that there is this intimacy of contact between the preacher and his congregation. (page 90).


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