At The Same Time!

The bible contains no contradictions, but does it contain many paradoxes.   One definition of a paradox is: a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a truth.  And so it is that the believer is totally at peace and engaged in warfare, at the same time.    The Christian is content and yet striving, at the same time.

Over the past several years when folks have asked me how things are going at church, my reply has been, “There is ample evidence that Christ loves us and that the devil hates us, at the same time.”   There have been few, if any times, over the years when I thought that God  had abandoned his people.   Whenever there have been difficulties and confusion and tears, there have at the same time been tokens of  His love and mercy and nearness.

And I can also say that during the sweetest times, the times when God was most clearly and patently at work blessing the labors of our hands there have been at the same time reminders that we are involved in warfare with an enemy seeking to destroy us.  I have come to realize that this will be the case throughout my pilgrimage.  There is coming a day when Satan will be fully and finally and forever crushed under our feet, just as the Savior drove His pierced heel into his head on Calvary.  The day of full and uninterrupted rest and blessing is coming.  Till then, even as we shelter under the shadow of  His wings it is because the storm is raging outside.  Safe, secure, at peace, threatened, and under assault at the same time.



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