Those Made Righteous Act Righteously

By sovereign grace and the imputation of the righteousness of   Jesus, sinners are made righteous before God.  We speak of this at times as “positional righteousness”.  The apostle John tells us that all those who practice righteousness are righteous.  How do we know that God has made us righteous?  We practice righteousness!  Here are some thoughts from Octavius Winslow concerning this truth:

Every one that doeth righteousness is born of him. – 1 John 2:29

Negative holiness- the abstaining from outward sins- does not always describe a regenerate soul; associated with this there must be the positive evidence- “Every one that doeth righteousness is born of him.” Where there is life, there is action, motion, energy. The life of a regenerate man is a life of the highest activity. The principles that influence him are divine and heavenly; their tendency is to holy action. The more we resemble Christ “in righteousness and true holiness,” the stronger the evidence to ourselves and to others that we are born again. We possess, professedly, and, if not self-deceived, actually, the life of Christ. That life is holy in its tendency and vigorous in its acting. The renewed soul longs for holiness. He pants for divine conformity. He rests not in the mere longing; he arises and labors for the blessing; he “works out his salvation with fear and trembling.” He prayerfully and diligently uses the means the Lord of sanctification has given him for the attainment of holiness; he is active in his pursuit of the blessing.


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