Say, what??

In the sixth chapter of Exodus we find Jehovah speaking great promises to Moses which he is then to convey to the people of Israel.  He speaks of establishing His covenant with them, that He has heard their cries and groaning, that He will remove their burdens from them, free them from bondage with an outstretched arm, that He will take them as a people and be their God, and finally that He will bring them into the land which He had sworn to give their fathers.  These words were true. They were God breathed.  They were conveyed by a faithful messenger.   You might expect that such promises would bring great joy and happiness as well as eager anticipation to those who heard them.  But what do we read?  We read in v. 9 that they did not ‘heed’ or ‘hear’ or ‘listen to’ Moses.  The words did not penetrate their souls.  The word did not bring them joy.  Why?  We read, ‘because of anguish of spirit’.  Other translations say ‘despondency’ or ‘discouragement’.  This incident follows the record of Pharaoh ordering the Israelites to make bricks without straw.  The people were weary, frightened, and disheartened.  Jesus noted in the parable of the sower and the seed that some plants find themselves choked because of the ‘cares of this world’.  Have you ever had that experience?   Truths calculated to bring you joy, to put  wind in your sails, to make the pathway pleasant are simply not heard?   Have you found this in ministering to others?  We must pray not only for an understanding of the truth, but the right frame to receive it.  Let us pray that the power of the word would break through our despondent hearts and the cares of this world to bear forth much fruit!


One response to “Say, what??

  • Stephen Cox

    Wondeful Words of Life is what the Hymn writer calls GODS Gospel and I think we can say this of all the promises of GOD which He means to lift us up when we have been downcast. The Lord never humbles us but for to lift us up!

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