This Ain’t Football!

Earl Weaver was the notoriously crusty manager of the Baltimore Orioles for nearly 20 years (he was ejected from games nearly 100 times!). In speaking of the long hard season that baseball players endured over a 162 game season he said, “This ain’t football, we do this every day!” You get the idea–you can do anything hard for a few weeks, real toughness comes from the grind. The Christian can say even further, “This ain’t baseball!”. At least in baseball they get a few weeks off. We don’t. Never. Not one day. Every day, every hour is lived before God. It all counts. It all matters. One has said that it is not the intensity of the trial, but it’s duration that proves the most difficult. May God help us to endure, with strength, and with joy for the long haul!


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